State of Forests and REDD+ Activities in Continental South-East Asia

Utilizing the platform, the RFO-SEA project has produced a Report of the State of Forests and REDD+ in Continental South-East Asia. This report leverages the data and information contained in the RFO-SEA to describe the forest status and progress of REDD+ implementation at national and regional levels. The report showcases the types of information that can be gleaned from the observatory and gives practitioners involved in forest monitoring and REDD+ an understanding of forest status and REDD+ activities in the region.

This first report is intended to serve as a precursor for potential regular reporting on the status of regional forest cover and REDD+ for the region. As a tangible output of the RFO-SEA, the report will act as a communication tool to engage with stakeholders.

Following the Introduction, Section 2 provides greater detail on the history and objectives of the RFO-SEA. Section 3 then provides a regional overview on: (i) the importance of forests in S.E. Asia; (ii) forest cover status; and (iii) the status of REDD+ and FELGT implementation. Sections 4 through 8 describe the status of forest management, REDD+ implementation and forest cover in each of the five countries covered by the RFO-SEA before describing the contents of the RFO-SEA’s Information Repository in Section 9 and offering some concluding remarks in Section 10.

To quantify forest cover at the regional level, the report uses a global forest cover map to give a consistent and comparable view of forest cover change within the region. At the national level, the report uses the best available national forest cover map or the official published figures by the respective governmental agencies in charge of forest management and monitoring.

How to cite this report:
Ferrand, J., Härkönen, J., Moore, C., Tsiros, E., and Luu, T.C. Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2018, ISBN 978-92-79-79976-1, doi:10.2760/58969, JRC110760.